How to get Thick Hair

14 Jun

How to get Thick Hair

There are some people who are born with thick and straight hair, but there are also those who have thinner hair by nature. Factors like aging, environment, and stress levels could cause hair loss or thinning which is, in fact, unavoidable. However, there are effective strategies on how to make your hair thicker, healthier, and nourished that people with thin hair can follow. Below we listed a few hair tips and treatments proven to be highly effective in achieving thick and luscious hair.

Learn to Take Care of Your Hair

Taking care of your hair is the basic and simplest way to achieve perfectly thick and healthy hair. Do not get used to chemical-based shampoo or harmful hair products because they can cause severe damages to your hair. There are some individuals who do not experience adverse effects of these chemicals, but if you desire thick and healthy hair, it is advisable to avoid them. Most hair products contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate that strips natural oils from the hair causing it to weaken in the longer run. So, using only sulfate free shampoo and organic shampoo with natural oils and cleansing agents is the best hair treatment for your hair.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

Since our scalp produces natural oils coating the hair for protection and preventing hair damage, do not wash your hair daily to prevent the natural oils from being washed away. Without these natural oils, your hair will grow weaker and easily gets damaged by the impurities present in the environment. Washing the hair for 2-3 times a week is advisable for people with not-so-oily hair while 3-4 times of washing is better for people with oily hair. When washing, use a dry shampoo to keep your hair look fresh, thicker, and flawless.

Apply Essential Oils

Applying oils rich in vitamins and other nutrients to your hair like chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and thyme, among others greatly helps in achieving healthy hair. You may apply 10-20 drops of the oil directly to your scalp, massage your hair, and rub the oil down up to the tips of your hair. Mixing 3-5 drops of essential oils to your shampoo or hair conditioner is an effective tip on how to get thick hair.

Gently Comb Your Hair

Treat your hair gently using a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush because it works out the hair tangles with care. Most hair tangles occur when your hair is wet, so make sure to dry it by gently squeezing your hair with a towel and patting it. Among the hair care tips is to avoid forced hairstyles like ponytails as it pulls and stretches your hair strands and eventually causes damage.

Apply Deep Conditioner

If you spend a lot of time out in the elements, your hair can get brittle and weak, especially if you engage in frequent blow drying after washing. One of the best tips on how to get thick hair is to keep it regularly moisturized with conditioning treatments. Not only do these treatments add a healthy, voluminous glow to your hair, but they can also mend it, repairing split ends and making your hair more durable. It is recommended to engage in this process once every week. Begin by shampooing your hair and drying off the extra water with a towel. Apply the deep conditioning mask and then wrap your hair in a warm towel. Leave this mixture on for approximately twenty minutes and then rinse. If you are concerned about damaging your hair from oversaturation, looking into quicker conditioning products can be just as beneficial as the deeper cleansing ones.

Eat Healthier

A simple lifestyle change, such as eating a diet rich in minerals and vitamins for hair, can help stimulate thicker and healthier hair growth. Apart from general hair care tips, eating foods that are high in folic acid, which is found in soy and wheat, can help with thinning hair. Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, can help produce more keratin, which strengthens hair follicles. Vitamin A, found in spinach and leafy greens, can help keep your scalp healthy. Vitamins and supplements can provide additional nutrition, but it is always a good idea to consult your doctor to find out what your ideal daily intake should be.

Consider Volumizing Products

Numerous products are available that can add more volume to your hair. Visit the hair care sections in local stores and keep your eyes open for products that include humectants, which are non-oily and seal away hydration in your hair, protecting it from damaging environments. Humectants work by swelling the shaft of your hair, which makes your hair appear thicker. With regular applications, each individual strand of hair on your head can appear thicker, creating a more voluminous appearance overall.

The above-mentioned tips and treatments are safe and effective and will help you on how to make your hair thicker.

ByTracy Orozco

Tracy Orozco, is an outstanding hair stylist with over 20 years of professional experience, providing her services in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. She is fully licensed and has numerous certifications to design and implement a look that is customized for you. She is a perfectionist who does not stop with adequate, but rather makes it her goal to ensure you are thrilled with your look. She is proficient in any number of styles, whether you desire your hair down, half up, or an up-do looking elegant, couture, or simply chic. In addition to providing her services locally, she is also available for travel both domestically and internationally.